be safe​/​don't be safe

by dirtworm sweetwilliam

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some versions of songs// the term ended and i told myself i would upload music no matter what form it was in// now i am in athens at a diner and im uploading this


released March 20, 2016



all rights reserved


dirtworm sweetwilliam Yellow Springs, Ohio


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Track Name: i wrote this on a nyc toilet
tipsy in michael's bathroom
just a block off broadway
got that catatonic feelin
and i'm starting to sweat

for the love of god let me out
for the love of god ill take an ipa

im shit out of luck and drop dead broke
caught red handed, drunk, with a cigarette hole burned in
my dress

for the love of god shut me up

please god clean this bathroom
Track Name: i miss pdx
theres no life in this house
i wring my hands with worry and self doubt
taped up polaroids of friends i wont forget
sticky hands and crooked teeth
a memory, a hairline, both bound to recede

i wrote about you
and smeared the ink across the page
you frenched the ground and said
"kiss my shoulder blades"
how do i know when its time to change
be safe/dont be safe
i romanticize every decision i neglect to make

for now ill put my shame into a jar
place it on a shelf
and watch myself burn bright
come watch it burn
Track Name: acid al
ive got a friend as tall as a red wood
ive got a friend who makes good company
ive got a friend who lives with two other friends
i cant imagine the weekends

ive got a friend who knows suburb schemin
ive got a friend who knows where the good weed is
ive got a friend whos fifty percent my twin
ive got a friends who some think im gay with

his name is acid al
Track Name: gibson woods
do you remember our first home
the sun warmed the deck where i sat
my dad he said he had to go away, well i could of guessed
fast food dinners in an empty living room
i hope this ends soon

we dont want to marry
we dont want to make babies no more
internally ugly
horribly afraid of divorce
i know its weird
whats so great about romantic love
why should we have to settle down

i remember gibson woods
i shat underneath the deck
and i hope i can find my way back
i remember our first home